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Best Practices for Using Self Storage

A little pre-planning will help you get the right space, ideal organization and save you some money. But, if you don’t have time for pre-planning, that’s okay too. You can move everything in to a larger unit and organize afterwards in the comfort-cooled spaces we have at LockTite. Organize for Access You may not think... Read More

Who Needs and Uses Self Storage?

Many people don’t realize how diverse self storage customers are. I’ve often heard people ask why there is such a great need for storage in our area. It’s easy: Growth. As our community grows and becomes more developed, so does the need for storage for business and residential uses. It’s not so much a matter... Read More

Storing Holiday Decorations

Happy 2016!!!  Christmas is over and now it’s time for resolutions, renewal, and reorganization: meaning that the decorations have to be removed and stored away for next year.  Do I hear a collective groan??? Believe me, I feel your pain.  This can be the worst part of the Christmas season…or, you can make it easy... Read More

Meet the Managers: LockTite Storage in Pasadena, TX

Pamela the manager at our LockTite Storage Pasadena, TX location.  She’s a war and caring person who loves her community and building relationships with her tenants. Pamela is our featured manager in this week’s “Meet the Managers” blog series: How long have you been with LockTite Storage and what’s your favorite part about working in Self Storage?... Read More

1 Year Storage Rental Rate Guarantee

The LockTite Promise: Lock in your rental rate for 1 year!  When you store with LockTite Storage your rental rate is “locked in” for one year, guaranteed. We believe in being transparent, so we won’t promise to never raise your rent.  But, what we can promise is that your rent will never increase above our rates for... Read More

Climate Controlled vs. Comfort Cooled and Dehumidified Self Storage

Climate control in the self storage industry can be defined in a variety of ways. Typically climate controlled storage simply means the interior building temperature is kept somewhere between 55° and 85°. Most times the temperature is maintained by use of air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter. This type of space does not necessarily mean... Read More