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4 Reasons Storage Units Range In Price

Stephanie | Apr 17, 2018

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

When people call LockTite Storage, one of the most common questions we hear over the phone is, “How much is a unit?”

That's an entirely reasonable question. But it's a little more complicated than just naming a price.

Like you, we understand that cost is very important. We want to give every customer straightforward information so they can make the best self-storage choice for their needs. That requires understanding each person's storage goals, first. Also, the quality, amenities, policies, and services offered vary significantly between different companies. All storage is not alike. 

To understand your goals, every good self-storage manager will ask a series of questions to help you figure out what kind of storage unit to lease and what is important to you. Our prices vary because we have such a wide range of unit options and features. Our prices may be different from other companies because of what we offer to you.

Consider unit differences. We have small 5'x10' non-climate controlled units that are about the size of a walk-in closet. On the other end of the spectrum, we have large storage units that resemble warehouses! That's a wide range with many sizes available between. Also, our units vary by feature. We offer comfort cooled units that have special dehumidification protection equipment with carpeted floors, some with no temperature control at all and others with interior lights and electrical service.

We offer a free truck and trailer for move-in and move-out. Most company's charge a fee to use their truck to move-out if they provide a truck at all. Our rates are fair for the amenities, facility quality and customer service we provide.  Some of our big competitors attract customers with low teaser rates and specials, then raise rents quickly, sometimes as soon as a few months after move-in and offer little customer service. Be sure to read the negative reviews for each facility you consider. You can learn much from them. 

That’s a lot of variables. The questions we ask when you call or stop by help us understand your need so we can provide the best possible alternatives for you.

So what are the factors that affect the price of storage units?

1. Size of Storage Unit

The single most significant factor affecting the cost of a storage unit is the size. Monthly rates will vary greatly depending on the size you choose.

Like a home or apartment, you're paying for space by the square foot. For example, a typical 5'x5' could range in price from about $30 to $50 a month depending upon the facility’s location, and a 10'x10' could range from $85 to $150.

Cost-Saving Tip: Check the ceiling height of a space before you sign up because you might be able to stack your items higher to save some money.

2. Type of Storage Unit

What type of storage unit do you need? If you're storing items that need to be protected from heat and cold and humidity such as clothes, furniture, and electronics, you might need a climate-controlled unit. If you’re looking to store an RV, boat or car, that will have a different cost structure due to door sizes and unit height plus options such as electrical service.

Cost-Saving Tip: Climate controlled spaces tend to be more than a standard non-climate controlled space. If you only need a unit short term (and it's not during the hottest summer months) consider renting a non-climate controlled space. But, remember humidity occurs in most Texas areas regardless of the season. If you have valuable items, insist on climate-control.

3. Location (Within the Facility)

Easy-access units are the prime real estate in any self-storage facility. Generally, storage units closest to a door or elevator will come at a higher price. These more accessible spaces also usually fall in the "subject to availability" clause of marketing promotions. Though you'll pay more, you'll likely thank yourself for making a choice that makes your life easier.

Cost-Saving Tip: If you're willing to compromise on ease of access to your storage unit, ask about pricing for something further down the hall or on an upper floor.

4. Availability

Changes in occupancy follow the rules of supply and demand. Similar to a hotel, as occupancy goes up, the price will rise. If there are a lot of available units at the facility and in the surrounding area, the price may go down. In self-storage, the more units of a specific type and size that are rented, the higher the rate of the remaining vacant units.

Cost-Saving Tip: If you've used self-storage before, you know that during the summer months prices are higher because people are using storage to move. That is why if you call to inquire about a storage unit for the summertime, managers will urge you to reserve immediately. If you don't, you might come back to a higher price. If you need a unit for the summer, we recommend you book early while lower rates are still available. If your need for storage is flexible, try calling in the fall or winter months to reserve a unit.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit for Your Budget

As you shop for the right self-storage unit, keep these tips in mind to get the most for your money. And remember your greatest resource is our amazing LockTite Property Managers! Whether you call in or come in to visit them in the office, they will help you navigate the entire self-storage process.

Cost-Saving Tip: If you store with LockTite Storage, you could save $$$ by using our moving truck or trailer FREE! Contact your local LockTite Storage facility and skip paying a truck rental fee. Call us today.