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Feng Shui Your Home on a Budget

GuestBlogger | May 05, 2018

Feng Shui Your Home on a Budget

Looking to freshen up your living space? Want to attract some positive energy? With Feng Shui—the Ancient Chinese philosophy based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what's happening inside of us—you can harmonize your home environment to better support your desired lifestyle.

Here are five helpful tips on how to Feng Shui your home on a budget:

Clear the Clutter

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the Feng Shui of your home is to declutter. By getting organized and removing any unwanted items from your house, you’ll save time and energy as you literally and figuratively lighten your load. Consider donating the things you no longer want and using self-storage for those you want to keep. Clearing the clutter is an essential step in creating a harmonious home. 

Incorporate Color

One of the basic principles of Feng Shui revolves around the use of colors to improve energy flow known as the five elements--Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth, and Water. Each Feng Shui element is represented by a specific color, and color is another easy way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into every room of your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

Add plants to your kitchen, dining room, and family room to help create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Decorate throughout the house with bamboo, wood, or wicker. Add texture and visual interest by incorporating natural stone and rocks. Give your room as much natural light and fresh air as possible.

Create Inviting Spaces

With Feng Shui, it is believed furniture with sharp corners such as coffee tables, bookcases, and fireplace mantels can create an attacking or negative energy. To avoid this, place your furniture and accent items so that no sharp corners are pointing directly at any seating areas. Arrange furniture in a way that invites people into the room. Don’t block doorways with chairs or tables.

 Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors reflect energy, so position them in places where you want to increase energy flow. Hang them high enough that seated guests aren’t stuck looking at themselves. If a mirror has an unpleasant view, move it.

Feng Shui is said to help encourage health, happiness, good fortune, and positive energy. By incorporating a few quick and easy ideas such as rearranging your furniture, adding plants to your living spaces, and using the five elements of color, you can create a calm and happy home—all without breaking the bank.