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How Commercial Storage Can Grow Your Organization's Bottom Line

GuestBlogger | Jun 09, 2018

How Commercial Storage Can Grow Your Organization’s Bottom Line

Every business must pay attention to its bottom line. Many focus their energy on optimizing workflows, marketing for the highest ROI, making strategic hiring decisions, and keeping careful tabs on day-to-day business expenses.

Put simply: As a business owner, you carry the weight of making sure that there’s more money flowing into the business than flowing out.

But there are many other money-saving business tactics that receive far less airtime than the examples above. One such undervalued technique is choosing the right business storage solution for inventory and business supplies.

We don’t always stop to consider the financial impact of disorganization, clutter, and storing excess inventory in an office. But there can be a cost to careless storage management. The savvy business owner who wishes to save unnecessary expenses owes it to their organization to optimize even the finer details of their team’s daily operations. This includes considering commercial storage.

Commercial storage is worth consideration because it will save your business $$$. How? Here are some examples:

PRIORITIZE YOUR MOST EXPENSIVE SPACE. It’s not cheap to lease office space. Consider the value of your office by its cost per square foot. Every inch counts. When it comes to purchasing new equipment, don’t let the costly and limiting nature of commercial real estate space keep your business back.

Prioritize common-use items by storing them in your office. Everything else—the extra desk no one is using, the office holiday supplies, event banners, and supplies, etc.—should be stored elsewhere so they don’t waste your valuable space.

ANTICIPATE GROWTH. When many businesses first move into their office or retail space, they’re careful about making a space for everything. They typically give the prime real estate to employees and use excess areas to house storage items and inventory.

But just like a family that grows out of their first home, many businesses expand and need to use their office more efficiently so new employees have space to work. At this point, the once-organized space takes on a new look. Organization often goes out the window and unimportant documents get moved around from a desk to the floor to a cramped janitorial closet.

This level of haphazard treatment can be costly for your business in the long term. If important documentation or inventory gets lost or damaged, you can have a real problem on your hands. Relative to the cost of retail or office space, the self-storage solution is an economical way to store supplies and documents as your business grows.

If you’re ready to select the perfect commercial storage unit, click here to reserve yours.

PROTECT YOUR INVENTORY FROM THEFT AND DAMAGE. Insured, locked storage units featuring on-site security cameras can provide more protective measures than many offices and retail spaces. For the expensive tools your business doesn’t use every day, consider storing them outside of high-traffic areas to guard against theft and damage.

CLUTTER CAN DIRECTLY IMPACT EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY. A cluttered office space is an inefficient workplace. You don’t have to be tripping over boxes in the hall for this to be true. A closet that keeps important documents, extra inventory, vending machine snacks, and the company vacuum in the same place is not ideal.

A cluttered office is distracting and communicates something to your employees without saying it: We don’t care about our space. A tidy workplace helps employees feel valued and like they are a part of something worthwhile.

Increasingly, workplaces are learning that treating their employees better consistently results in better performance and employee satisfaction, which can also mean less turnover.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING. When some people imagine storage units, they get a picture of an unorganized pile of junk with no rhyme or reason. That’s not the storage experience we’re talking about. Climate controlled, carpeted commercial storage units make it easier to stay comfortable while you organize your unit for optimal storage usage. These types of units are also useful for storage of electronics like extra POS systems and monitors.

By taking the time to organize your unit, you make it easy for anyone at your business to stop by and quickly retrieve anything that’s needed.

Some storage best practices:

  1. Put your most commonly-used items toward the entrance of your unit. This makes them easy to access and return. The less common items can be stored on the ground toward the back of the unit.
  2. Don’t forget to mark boxes with a sharpie or bold pen to save you from needlessly opening box after box to rediscover supplies in the future.
  3. Keep an aisle down the middle of your unit to maximize your space so that you can access items along the entire length of your unit.

 PREPARE FOR AN EFFECTIVE LAUNCH WITH INVENTORY STORAGE. Inventory that’s stored at your office can be overwhelming, get in the way, or limit the quantity of product you have available for the launch. By storing products in a temperature controlled storage unit, you can keep your inventory protected from the Texas heat, while keeping it out of your way at the same time.

The busyness of your launch season doesn’t have to be compounded by a packed office or storefront. Instead, make a simple run to the storage unit to fulfill the latest orders.

MAKE ROOM FOR SEASONAL FLEXIBILITY. Your business may not have the same needs in April as it does in December. Different seasons call for different solutions. By choosing to store seasonal supplies in commercial storage, you make it easy to stay organized and efficient.

SAFE COMMERCIAL VEHICLE STORAGE. Not all businesses have enough parking spots for easily storing business vehicles on their property. Even the businesses that have space to store vehicles, they don't necessarily want a fleet of company cars or a large 18-wheeler right outside their office window. Not to mention, uncovered parking in the Texas heat can weather a vehicle faster than many other places in the country.

Whether you want to keep it out of the sun, out of the parking lot, or in a garage-style fully enclosed unit, easy-access commercial vehicle storage can be an efficient solution. No matter the size of your commercial vehicle, LockTite Storage offers secure 24/7 storage options at many locations for business customers.  

MOVING YOUR OFFICE? CONSIDER INTERIM STORAGE SOLUTIONS. If you’re in the middle of an office move or undergoing workspace renovations, temporary commercial storage can be an easy solution. Use commercial storage to conveniently keep your office equipment and supplies when you’re between office buildings.

In fact, if you’re in the process of considering where to store during a renovation or change of office, select LockTite Storage locations will let you borrow our truck and trailer for FREE during your move. This will save your business the cost of having to get a Uhaul. Contact your closest LockTite facility to learn more.

Business benefits: How LockTite Storage goes the extra mile to save your business time and money.

LET US ACCEPT DELIVERIES FOR YOU. LockTite Storage offers on-site delivery acceptance at select locations. We encourage our customers to skip the extra steps by shipping their orders straight to their LockTite units.

ENJOY EASY TAX REPORTING FOR WRITE-OFFS. We provide monthly billing and a complete end-of-year summary to help you stay on top of your bookkeeping.  

Looking for commercial storage in Houston or Central Texas? LockTite Storage provides a variety of commercial options for your business.

We’re here to support your organization by delivering quality storage at prices that help you protect your bottom line. If you’re in the market for commercial storage units in Texas, reach out to one of our offices. We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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