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Meet the Manager - Dee Marsh

Stephanie | Jul 27, 2018

LockTite Spotlight -Dee Marsh


How long have you been with LockTite Storage and what’s your favorite part about working in Self Storage?

I’ve been with LockTite since 2012 and having been raised in the storage business, I have come full circle in my career now with managing the largest facility in our company. I love that I can help people who are looking for options and solutions during stressful times such as moving, trying to sell their home or major life change.

What’s unique about your location?

LockTite in Dripping Springs sits on 40 acres of Texas Hill Country. Beautiful land and views from almost every angle of the property. It’s not like an urban storage property where it is all concrete and metal buildings.

What’s a common thing people don’t understand about self-storage?

Self-storage offers flexibility. You can grow your business, downsize inventory, use heated/cooled/dehumidified space for different materials at specific times of the year with manageable expenses. LockTite offers additional flexibility for residential or commercial clients by working with each unique need and situation.

How long have some of your tenants been with your location?

My property was built in 1997 and we have a few clients who are still with us after all this time. We have 20 customers who have been storing with us for more than 16 years!

What are people commonly storing with you?  What’s the most interesting thing someone has stored?

With more than 900 units, we have seen just about everything! We have quite a few commercial clients who use our larger storage units for warehousing, and residential customers who are storing their entire home contents while building a new home.

One of the most interesting things that someone stored was flavored salts imported from South Africa. Our comfort-cooled buildings have top quality dehumidification systems and it was the perfect environment for storing the moisture-sensitive salts.   

Why should someone in the Southwest Austin/Dripping Springs areas consider your location for self-storage?

LockTite isn’t like other storage companies. We care about you, and we care about the things you are storing with us. We customize our services to meet your needs and offer superior services that you can’t find at other storage companies. We also offer free use of our moving truck and trailers. We have a 14’ box truck and two 12’ trailers that make it convenient and affordable for moving in and out.

When you’re not helping people with self-storage what do you do for fun?

When I’m not at LockTite, I’m usually out with my husband and kiddos enjoying the Texas Hill Country weather, live music, and rolling hills. There is always something going on our little-but-not-so-little community.

Where are you located in Dripping Springs?

LockTite Storage in Dripping Springs is conveniently located 3 miles east of downtown Dripping Springs, and about 4 miles west of Nutty Brown Road at the Travis/Hays County line.