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Storage Solutions for Every Stage of Life

Dana | Jan 09, 2019

LockTite Offers Storage Solutions for Every Stage of Life

The one thing that’s a proven constant in life is change.  From family growth to financial growth, our lives are in a constant state of flux.  Sometimes we need a little elbow room to help us deal with the inevitable. That’s where self-storage can help.

From convenient drive-up units to climate-controlled indoor spaces, LockTite has storage solutions for every stage of life.


Combining households can be an overwhelming task.  With the average age of marriage reaching the early thirties, many couples have independently amassed a large number of possessions.  Instead of parting with duplicate items or beloved treasures, why not take advantage of storage space? From small, closet-like units to larger, climate-controlled rooms, self-storage is the perfect way to protect belongings until your living space expands.


Most parents agree, no other stage of life requires more purchases than the child-rearing years!  From baby items and childhood toys to play equipment and extra cars, our homes and garages are pushed to the limits.  Storage spaces can offer temporary or long-term solutions for those hard to fit items. Many families take advantage of the extra room to store seasonal items like Christmas trees, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, recreational vehicles, and special childhood mementos.


One of the most stressful stages of life involves moving.  It’s a delicate timeline, managing the transition between buying and selling a new home.  Many times, a house sells before a new one is purchased—leaving residents scrambling to find short-term housing and rental space.   A month-to-month storage facility can be a lifesaver. LockTite Storage offers large, household-sized units with no annual contract.  The monthly payment feature offers the utmost flexibility for families in flux.


Making the decision to retire often involves downsizing.  Storage facilities provide a convenient way to keep additional furniture and items that may not fit into a new home.  Office documents can also be safely housed in climate-controlled units. Extended facility hours allow easy access to important paperwork or home and office items most any time of the day.

Loss of a Loved One

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a difficult process that has no timetable.  A storage facility can provide a safe haven for a loved one’s belongings until family members are emotionally ready to sort through items.  LockTite Storage offers special discounts to help defray costs during this sensitive time. Contact any of our locations to find out the best size and solution for your needs or visit