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The Truth About Free Trucks

Stephanie | May 12, 2018



How many times have you heard something that sounded so good it could not possibly be true?  In many cases deeply hidden in the fine print many other storage companies may claim that they offer a free moving truck to you for your move.   Sadly, if you were to closely read the entire agreement you will find hidden fees and restrictions that can cost you time and money.  Sure, many companies may use the words “Free Moving Truck”; but what is the value of having it to use if you are charged usage fees and restricted on when you can use it? 

Many companies will only allow using their trucks when you move in, but what happens when you need to move out?  They charge you to use their trucks when moving out or do not allow their trucks to be used for that purpose. That’s like a friend offering to take you to a party but when the party is over they tell you in order to take you home you will have to pay them to drive you back.  That is not how we operate at LockTite Storage.

At LockTite Storage we provide all of our customers with free use of our moving truck when moving in and out of your unit absolutely free, every time.  We love having you as a customer and hate to see you go, but we will provide you with the same services and benefits when the time comes for you to leave us as when you first moved in. This saves you time and money because all you have to do is pay for the gas.  No strings or added fees, ever. Now that’s what you call value. 

Call your local LockTite Storage facility today and have one of our friendly, knowledgeable managers schedule your time slot for reserving the truck for your move; you will be glad that you did. We challenge you to find any other storage company that lets you use their truck absolutely free for moving in and moving out.  LockTite cares about its customers and them honorably.