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How a Little Extra Storage Space Helped Fill a Big Need

Dana | Nov 23, 2018

How a Little Extra Storage Space Helped Fill a Big Need


Working at a storage facility, we are never at a loss for interesting stories.  Perhaps it is because most people seeking storage are in the midst of a life change.  It can become very emotional when they are forced to separate from their special treasures. At LockTite Storage, we pride ourselves on being understanding stewards of these beloved belongings.  Whether buying and selling houses, preparing for empty-nesting, storing a big surprise or helping an elderly family member in transition, our clients soon become our friends as we help them along in their journeys.

Over the years, one story continues to pull at our heartstrings.   After becoming foster parents and navigating the child welfare system, Dripping Springs resident Chrystal Smith and her husband saw a need for basic emotional and financial support during the process. 

“We wanted to create opportunities for the community to be a ‘village’ of support to these vulnerable and underserved children and families,” says Chrystal.  They created Foster Village, a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting basic needs, providing therapeutic support and promoting community engagement.

“The mission of Foster Village is to reach out to children and families in the Austin area child welfare system and show them that they are not alone. We know how important connection and stability are, especially during those first (often uncertain and traumatic) days,” says Chrystal. “Foster Village works to create practical opportunities to bridge the gap so that caring individuals and businesses can share encouragement and resources with our neighbors in crisis.”

Foster Village quickly took off.  Within months, a steady stream of donations poured in.  From car seats to clothing, baby backpacks to basic toiletries, the items rapidly piled up.  That’s when Foster Village reached out to LockTite Storage for help.

“We are so grateful that LockTite Storage agreed to provide a small space for our donations,” says Chrystal.  “In fact, as our need for a larger space grew, so did the generosity of LockTite.”

Foster Village quickly reached capacity in the small unit and moved to a larger space that is intended for RVs. LockTite Storage Senior Manager Dee Marsh was thrilled at the chance to offer a helping hand.

“I believe that God connected Chrystal of Foster Village with me at LockTite,” says Dee.   “As an adoptive parent myself, I know first hand how it feels to bring a child into my home without the supplies and equipment needed. As I see it, Foster Village takes those kinds of pressures off the foster families, so they can focus on caring and loving the children. It is my great honor to help this amazing organization grow.”

Through the generosity and support of businesses and volunteers, Foster Village has expanded its reach to cities across Texas.  There are even plans to develop chapters in other states.  But the true testament to its success comes from the foster parents themselves.

"I honestly don't know how we would have stayed afloat without the help of Foster Village,” says Vicki, a grandmother who is currently fostering children.”  The pressures of caring for kids in the foster care system can be overwhelming, no matter how prepared you think you are. Foster Village meets those basic needs right off the bat and walked alongside us as if we were family. It's never felt like a handout but more like a group effort to create the best-case scenario for these kids.”

“The fact that one of our storage units became a ‘Care Closet’ for foster families and children truly warms my heart,” says Dee. “It’s not just about renting storage space; it’s the opportunity to serve our community and customers with the hope of possibly enriching the lives of our customers.”

If you are interested in joining Foster Village through volunteer work or donation, please visit