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What Is Climate Controlled Self Storage?

George | Apr 10, 2018

Not All Climate Controlled Facilities Are Built the Same

“Climate controlled” can be defined in many different ways in the self-storage industry.

Typically, the term climate controlled storage only means that the temperature inside the unit is kept somewhere between 55° and 85°. At most facilities, the temperature is maintained by air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter. Climate or temperature controlled storage can prevent damage to particularly in regions like Texas where large temperature swings are common throughout the year.

The catch!  It's not exactly climate controlled when the temperature could vary by a whopping 30° inside! Also, simply finding a unit that is "climate controlled" does not necessarily mean the unit benefits from humidity protection equipment.

If there's one thing that you don't want in your storage unit, it's moisture. Humidity in the air can be corrosive to electronics and metal items and can warp or damage important documents or treasured family photos. And furniture or anything cloth can deteriorate quickly. Excess moisture from condensation from air conditioning can even lead to mold and mildew issues in your unit. No one wants that!

At LockTite Storage, we take a different approach to climate controlled storage. We want to be the industry leader in climate controlled storage in Texas. Our interior storage is both comfort cooled and has humidity protection equipment.


Why We Call It Comfort Cooled Self Storage

At LockTite, we keep our comfort cooled between 72° and 76°.  That’s a substantial difference from the fluctuating industry standard that stores at 55° - 85°, depending on the season. All LockTite interior storage units are considered "comfort cooled." We believe in providing the best environment possible for you and your belongings.

By adding humidity protection equipment, we're providing an environment similar to or even better than the typical home or office. Your belongings should be better-preserved in this environment.

A cool 72° to76° is also a much more comfortable environment for you to work in. If you're moving your belongings into a unit during the hot summer months or spending hours hauling heavy boxes, our cool interior spaces will come as a welcome break from the Texas heat. Cool, dry spaces can be a breath of fresh air.


Humidity Protection Equipment

It's rare to find a self-storage facility with storage buildings that include special humidity protection equipment. Humidity can be particularly dangerous to certain types of belongings. It can cause photos to stick together, wood furniture to warp, and leather goods to crack. Electronics, artwork, and musical instruments such as pianos can sustain damage if there's too much moisture in the air.

If you're storing an item that's especially sensitive to humidity, search for a storage facility that uses humidity protection equipment. Units that only cool the air with A/C may not control moisture levels enough to protect your possessions and they do not provide any protection during the winter months when the units are heated.


Do I Really Need Comfort Cooled Storage with Humidity Protection Equipment?

More and more people in Texas are choosing climate control whether it is to enjoy a cooler storage experience or thinking that their belongings will have better protection. With LockTite’s humidity protection equipment we believe that our climate control is indeed better for achieving its intended purpose.

Items that are susceptible to damage include but are not limited to:

  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Furniture, especially fabric or leather upholstered
  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Family keepsakes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Books
  • Tax documents and important records
  • Expensive or irreplaceable items


As you're researching storage facilities, we recommend that you ask about what climate controlled really means at each facility.