4 Reasons Self Storage Units Range In Price

All too often when a customer calls a self storage facility the first thing they ask is, “how much is your…?” Just asking the price of a storage unit without providing any details of what you’re storing could put you into sticker shock. A good self storage manager shouldn’t provide the price right away, but should ask you a series of questions to make sure what you are asking for fits your needs best. A good manager should also provide you with options to fit your budget.

Just asking for the price is one loaded question as there is no exact answer! So, why do storage units range in price?

1. Size of Storage Unit

One of the biggest factors affecting a storage unit’s price is the size. Monthly rates will vary greatly depending on what size storage unit you require to store your belongings. For example, a typical 5′ x 5′ could range in price from about $40 to $50 a month, a 10′ x 10′ ranges from $95 to $150, and a 10′ x 20′ can cost between $150 and $300 a month. You’re paying for the amount of space by the square foot. So, here’s a tip… check the ceiling height of a space before you commit, you might be able to stack you items higher and save some money.

2. Type of Storage Unit

What type of storage unit do you need? If you’re storing items that need to be protected from extreme temperatures and humidity – such as clothes, furniture and electronics you might need to use a climate-controlled unit. These types of spaces tend to be about 10% more than a typical non-climate controlled space. If you only need a unit short term and it’s not during the hottest summer months consider renting a non-climate controlled space.

3. Location

And I don’t mean the physical address of the self storage facility. What we’re talking about here is the actual location of the storage unit with in the self storage property it’s self. Generally, storage units closes to a door or elevator will come with a higher price tag. These more accessible spaces also usually fall in the “subject to availability” clause of marketing promotions. If you’re willing to compromise on a ease of access to your storage unit ask for something further down the hall or on an upper floor.

4. Availability

One of the most important price determining factors is occupancy. Self storage occupancy is similar to that of a hotel, the more rooms rented the higher the price goes. So in self storage the more units of a specific type and size that are rented the higher the price of the remaining vacant units. If you’ve used self storage before you might have noticed that during the summer months prices are higher because more people are using storage to move so there are less available units to rent. This is why when you call to inquire about a storage unit managers will urge you to reserve immediately. If you don’t you might come back to a higher price.

As your shopping for the right self storage unit keep these tips in mind to get the most for your money. Make sure to always check back on pricing and book early so you are guaranteed the lowest cost. And when you’re ready, browse our self storage inventory.