Climate Controlled vs. Comfort Cooled and Dehumidified Self Storage

Climate control in the self storage industry can be defined in a variety of ways. Typically climate controlled storage simply means the interior building temperature is kept somewhere between 55° and 85°. Most times the temperature is maintained by use of air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter. This type of space does not necessarily mean the space is also dehumidified.

Climate controlled or temperature controlled storage can prevent damage to items stored for lengthy periods of time.  Especially in many regions of the U.S. where large swings in temperature can wreak havoc on stored items.

At LockTite Storage we take a different approach to climate controlled storage. Our interior storage is both comfort cooled and dehumidified.

Why we call it comfort cooled self storage

 LockTite Storage comfort cooled @ 72° VS. 

Industry standard climate controlled @ 55° to 85°

All of our interior storage units are considered “comfort cooled”. We believe in providing the best environment possible for you and your belongings. The temperature in our comfort cooled interior storage buildings remain a consistent 72° year round.  After all the typical U.S. home isn’t kept at 55° or 85°. So by maintaining a cooler temperature we’re providing an environment much closer to that of the typical home.

Not to mention a better environment for you to work in! If you’re moving in during the hot summer months or spending hours working on a project, hopefully our interior spaces will keep you cool and comfortable.

LockTite Storage units are dehumidified

It’s rare to find a self storage facility with dehumidified storage units. Facilities that offer humidity control generally work to keep the humidity levels around 55 percent. Humidity can be particularly dangerous to certain types of items. It can cause photos to stick together, wood furniture to warp and leather goods to crack. Not to mention electronics, artwork and items such as pianos can sustain damage when there’s to much moisture in the air.

If you’re storing an item that’s especially sensitive to humidity, search for a storage facility that actively dehumidifies the air. Units that simply cool the air with air conditioning may not bring moisture levels low enough to protect all items.

Do you really need comfort cooled and dehumidified storage?

Not everyone needs comfort cooled storage. Temperature extremes can be tough on everything from wood and leather to pictures and videotapes. Some items may crack or warp. Others may yellow, while documents may become unreadable over time.

If you’re storing expensive or irreplaceable items—especially if they hold sentimental or historical value—should consider comfort cooled and dehumidified storage over the typical climate controlled. After all your precious belongings will be in an environment much closer to that of your own home.

Renting a comfort cooled and dehumidified storage unit is best when storing items that are susceptible to damage, including:

  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Leather furniture
  • Pictures and artwork
  • Metal appliances
  • Books and other paperwork
  • Expensive or irreplaceable items

Remember, as you’re researching storage facilities and if you know you’ll need a climate controlled storage unit, be sure to ask what climate controlled means to them!

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