Meet the Managers: LockTite Storage in Pasadena, TX


Pamela the manager at our LockTite Storage Pasadena, TX location.  She’s a war and caring person who loves her community and building relationships with her tenants. Pamela is our featured manager in this week’s “Meet the Managers” blog series:

How long have you been with LockTite Storage and what’s your favorite part about working in Self Storage?

I have been with LockTite for a little over a year and I’ve really been enjoying managing this location.  My favorite part about working here are the people I’ve meet and the relationships I’ve made.  Many times I have been surprised by how much I have been able to help and get to know our customers through something as simple as self storage.

What’s unique about your location?

Our air conditioned buildings are comfort cooled and dehumidified which means we keep our buildings at 72 degrees and below 55% humidity.  We also offer free use of our truck for moving in and out, which few competitors do.

What’s a common thing people don’t understand about self storage?

Most people think all we do is rent out units but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Often times people who come in to rent storage are going through life changes and we can refer them to other businesses for services like moving, house cleaning, etc.

How long have some of your tenants been with your location?

We have several tenants who have been here for over 10 years. On average our tenants stay for at least 2 years.  Many people don’t realize how long they’ll need storage when they move in.

What are people commonly storing with you?  What’s the most interesting thing someone has stored?

Most people store items they need to get out of their house to make room; decorations, less frequently used supplies, family keepsakes, and the like.  The most interesting thing someone has stored with us was a casket.  Yes it was empty!

Why should someone in the Pasadena area consider your location for self storage?

While I’m always quick to mention our free trailer/truck with move in and out, our free refreshments, and dehumidifiers in our air conditioned buildings, the biggest reason people rent with us and stay with us is because of our very friendly and experienced staff.  The people always make the difference!

When you’re not helping people with self storage what do you do for fun?

I have a lot of friends and family in this area and we’re always getting together for events and parties.

Where are you located in Pasadena?

We are located at 5035 Burke Road in Pasadena, TX.  We’re across the street from the Pasadena Animal Shelter.