Who Needs and Uses Self Storage?


Many people don’t realize how diverse self storage customers are. I’ve often heard people ask why there is such a great need for storage in our area. It’s easy: Growth. As our community grows and becomes more developed, so does the need for storage for business and residential uses. It’s not so much a matter of people having too much stuff, but a need for people to have a temporary or long term option for the types of things they need to store.

Businesses Use Self Storage for Convenience & Growth Flexibility

Business owners, small to large, need a place to warehouse goods and inventory. Even those with their own warehouses often need convenient locations to store products, equipment and goods to better serve their customers in the areas they are needed.

Small business owners use storage because they can start with a small unit and as their business grows and expands, so too can their space. It’s a much more economical way to grow your business than buying or renting an office and warehouse and having to move every time you run out of space. Or another risky alternative is investing in a space that is more than you need in the hopes of growing.

When a business client needs to move to a larger space, we can give them the flexibility of moving from one unit to another in the time they need to do so without charging them for both spaces. Do you know of any other type of real estate business accommodations like that?

Outside sales and service professionals find using our comfort-cooled dehumidified storage units an extension of their homes or corporate offices to keep materials handy, secure and protected from the extreme heat, cold and humidity.

Another convenience is that if a client has a shipment of materials or inventory that is only temporary, we offer prorated and month-to-month leases so there isn’t any long term commitment. It is an “on demand, customized” service for space.

Residential Storage Needs Range from Short to Long Term

Where do you think all the people who are moving to our blessed community and area store their household items (I call them “their entire material lives”) when they are looking for a home or building their dream home? You know it! LockTite has 10‘x30’ and 12‘x30’ units in drive up and heated/cooled for these folks, and again, because it is month to month, they can keep their items stored as long as they need to.

These customers aren’t using storage long term, but as transitional needs apply. Other short term needs range from college students who are home for the summer to remodeling, changing jobs, getting married or divorced, or a death in the family.

We see clients come to us because of a parent or grandparent’s estate is in need of being sorted and settled. LockTite can offer a large space for the entire contents of the estate to be removed from the residence or elder care facility until the children and grandchildren can sort through it. In these cases, if we have vacancies, we can offer several smaller units at no or low cost for a short time to help the surviving family members divide up the estate and move items from the large storage unit.

For those who appreciate some extra “breathing room” and want to keep their living spaces free from clutter, self-storage is a great option. If you have 10 or more large bins of holiday decorations that you want to keep clean and pest-free year round, small heated/cooled/dehumidified units are perfect, and much easier to access than an attic.

Like parking your vehicles IN your garage instead of using it for overflow? Join the club! That’s why I have a storage myself. The benefits of putting items away and not having to see them daily as you go in and out of your garage, office, laundry room, etc. also make for a more peaceful life.