Business Storage

Cost-Effective Option

Texas businesses have saved up to 70% on commercial storage through LockTite.

We provide many types of commercial storage at affordable rates. Business storage is about maximizing your profits and creating a better work environment for your office and staff. If you have extra office equipment, store your inventory or need a place to store an entire office ahead of renovations or business expansion, LockTite Storage is your local resource.  

As compared to the high cost of office, retail or warehouse space, LockTite can save your business thousands of dollars. Businesses have many different needs, and we have many alternatives to help meet them. 

Rent an affordable storage unit, store your inventory, and reclaim your office or retail space for higher productivity and a more professional business presence.


Business Storage Near Your Storefront or Office

We have facilities in Channelview, Conroe, Deer Park, Dripping Springs, La Porte, Pasadena, Pearland, Seguin, and Wimberley. Many of our locations are central, close to corporate offices and local small businesses for convenient storage solutions.

Air Conditioned Business Storage

Each facility offers climate controlled storage to keep your important documents, records, electronics and other items preserved from the brutal Texas heat.

LockTite's air-conditioned storage units with supplemental humidity protection can be the optimal solution for storing records and essential documents. Temperature is set at 72 to 76 degrees for your comfort. Business storage is all about making the best use of your space. If you have papers, files, or other temperature-sensitive electronics or furniture, climate controlled storage units can be the perfect business solution.

If you want to protect your business's belongings from the Texas heat and humidity, a climate controlled unit is a perfect solution. Our temperature controlled units come in several sizes and options.

Inventory Storage

A cluttered workspace is an expensive workspace. Storing excess inventory and office documents at your storefront or office is a pricy allocation of your most valuable business space. Commercial storage can be an affordable, solution to declutter your business. Store equipment, inventory, essential records, and seasonal items.

On-Site Delivery Acceptance

Select LockTite facilities offer delivery acceptance for business storage clients so that you can ship inventory directly to your unit. Many business owners have found this service to be a game changer.

Easy Tax Reporting & Autopay Options

Each facility offers monthly billing and easy end-of-year reporting which can be helpful for tax purposes. LockTite Storage strives for convenience in every aspect of customer relations. Whether you prefer paying in-person, manually online, or by setting your account on Autopay, we welcome each of these payment options.

Individualized Gate Access That Works With Your Schedule

We offer flexible facility access hours for accessing your inventory, supplies, and materials when you need them. Select locations offer units with electrical outlets and supplemental lighting so that you can quickly find documents or items in your unit.

Free Truck and Trailer Use

We want to save you money by letting you use our moving truck or trailer for FREE at select locations. If your business does not have access to a vehicle to help carry your inventory to and from our units, we welcome you to use ours.

We offer 50 free miles per day in our truck and no mileage limit on any of our trailers. If you exceed the daily 50-mile truck limit, we will charge a small per mile overage fee. You can use the truck or trailer for both move-in and move-out.

Our Office is Your Office

Not all storage units are created equal. LockTite Storage designs our units and manages our facilities to be a desired commercial storage option in Texas. You can stop by our office for free use of our WiFi so you can send emails and stay connected while away from your office. We also offer complimentary snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day.

LockTite is a leader in customer service because we intentionally hire upbeat, friendly, and competent office managers and staff at every location.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

At select locations, we offer commercial vehicle storage. Put your company’s cars or trucks in a gated, easy-access facility. We offer covered, uncovered, and fully enclosed commercial parking options at select locations. Our lots are also easy-access.

Distribution Centers are Welcome

Many companies use LockTite as a distribution center to save substantially over commercial warehouse space. Whether one 600 square foot to 1,200 square foot unit suits you best or using multiple smaller units to separate types of products many businesses find LockTite to be an excellent choice that save them money and improves their operation.


Whatever Your Industry, Choose LockTite Storage

LockTite Storage works closely with many businesses and professionals to find storage space that's right for you. Plus we offer a variety of free business service amenities to support your work away from the office. So, when your office is bursting at the seams with excess inventory, documents, records, equipment, and supplies, you know who to call. LockTite will have you running faster, smoother, and more efficiently than ever before.

Over the years LockTite Storage has provided self-storage to a variety of businesses, including:

  • Wholesale and retail for local merchants
  • Medical record storage for local doctors
  • Legal document storage for local lawyers
  • Building supplies and files for home builders and contractors
  • Marketing and sales materials for a variety of industries
  • Catering  & seasonal equipment and vehicle storage for hospitality and restaurants
  • Pharmaceuticals, sales, and marketing materials for sales reps
  • Production and photography equipment

Contact LockTite Storage to Rent A Business Unit

We look forward to providing you with comprehensive business storage.