Vehicle & Car Storage

Affordable Car and Vehicle Storage

LockTite Storage offers great vehicle storage options, whether you are looking for affordable commercial vehicle storage or a long-term storage garage for your mint-condition 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra.

Vehicle Storage in Texas

At LockTite Storage, we try to go above and beyond to accommodate both you and your vehicles. Our facilities have gated access, video cameras, and are professionally maintained to be the optimal location for storing your vehicle.

Our philosophy is simple: provide go-the-extra-mile customer care, a well-maintained facility, and affordable month to month storage so that we remain the easy storage decision for Texas residents looking for great car and truck storage options.


Types of Vehicle Storage Units:

Uncovered Vehicle Storage

LockTite offers uncovered storage for vehicles up to 40 feet long. With spacious parking lots, coming and going with your vehicle is easy. You can drop off your vehicle in our gated lot for as long as you need.

Covered Vehicle Storage

LockTite Storage also offers covered parking spaces for added protection from the harsh Texas environments for most vehicles ranging from compact, mid size, full size, and larger trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Are you looking for fully-enclosed vehicle storage? LockTite Storage offers a wide range of sizes to accommodate most vehicles. Covered parking ensures maximum protection against sun, wind, rain, and other harsh Texas weather.

Oversize Vehicle Storage

At select facilities, the dimensions of your vehicle don't matter. Our indoor parking options include sizes such as 10'x15' for smaller, low profile compact vehicles. Other sizes include: 10'x20', 10'x25', 12.5'x35' to 14'x45' that can accommodate mid-size to full size vehicles. We have units with door heights of 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, as well as 14 feet. No matter the need, we have you covered.

Looking for RV & Boat storage? We’ve got that too.


What Kinds of Vehicles Can I Store?

All vehicles must be operable, fully tagged, and inspected with proof of insurance and in good working condition at all times.

Classic Car Storage in Texas

Pearland is our premier classic car storage facility. While all of our locations have great options for vehicle storage, we specifically designed our Pearland facility with amenities for maximizing the storage experience of classic car owners. Pearland features all fully-enclosed units. Power door openers are also available on select units to easily access your prized cars.

Commercial Vehicle Storage in Texas

In addition to our business storage capabilities, we offer commercial vehicle storage at 6 of our LockTite facilities.

 Long-Term Vehicle Storage in Texas

Our locations that offer vehicle storage can accommodate a vehicle for the long-term. We bill month-to-month, so there's no need to sign a long lease-- merely keep up your payments, and there's nothing else you need to do to store with us for an extended period. We do recommend covered or even indoor parking for the long-term to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Storing a Vehicle with LockTite Storage

If you're ready to store your vehicle, we will need to determine what type of vehicle you have and what size unit is right for you.

How to Measure a Vehicle for Proper Storage:

  1. Before storing your vehicle, it is necessary to ensure that the unit will accommodate the entire length, width, height and any custom accessories added to the vehicle such as tow packages, tow mirrors, light bars, step rails, brush guards, etc.
  2. Measure the height of the vehicle from the bottom of the tires to the highest part of the vehicle.  
  3. It is also imperative that you measure the width of the vehicle as well as anything that protrudes from the sides of the vehicle. Some vehicles may have flared wheel wells and aftermarket parts that make the vehicle wider and prevent it from maneuvering in and out of the storage unit.  
  4. When storing for extending periods of time, you should make sure that you check your tires and battery to ensure that everything will be ready to go when you come back to use your vehicle. Select locations have air compressors for re-inflating tires, so ask your local LockTite office manager about this feature.

Note about Sales Tax

Similar to short-term parking, we are required to charge sales tax for parking in Texas. Sales tax is a recurring charge that stays in effect as long as the vehicle is parked or stored on the premises. The amount charged for sales tax is based on local and state sales tax rates; this information is available at all facilities.

What We’ll Need to Store Your Vehicle

To get you all set up for storage of your vehicle, you will be asked to provide the following documents upon opening your account with us:

  1. Proof of Registration
  2. Copy of the Vehicle Title (if available)
  3. Copy of the current insurance on the vehicle


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