Types of Storage Units

Interior Storage Units

Interior storage means that the storage unit is inside a building protected by four walls. Most tenant who choose indoor storage are looking for space for items that are more sensitive to climate changes. There are generally two types of indoor storage units – cooled, heated and dehumidified or standard interior.

Comfort Cooled Interior Units:

Our comfort cooled units are cooled in the summer, heated in the winter and dehumidified all year long. With the addition of dehumidifiers we are able to minimize the amount of moisture in the air and provide a comfortable atmosphere for you and your belongings. This type of space is ideal for furniture, electronics, and all other goods that shouldn’t be kept in extreme temperature environments.

Standard interior units:

These units are inside a building, but unlike the cooled, heated and dehumidified units there are no additional temperature settings for these units and are exposed to a more temperature swing during the seasons. In most cases, inside units do not back up to an outside wall, so this still keeps large temperature swings at bay. This type of unit is also a more economical choice for someone on a budget.

Outside Storage Units

Drive-up units:

A drive-up unit is the most convenient type of storage unit. These units have a roll-up door similar to a garage. These units allow you to back your truck or trailer right up to the door for quick loading and unloading. Typically these units are about the size of a one-car garage and are great for storing boxes, seasonal items, sporting equipment, etc.

Comfort Cooled Drive-up units:

These units are the best of both worlds. They combine the convenience of a typical drive-up unit with the comfort of our comfort cooled interior units. These units also have a roll-up door similar to a garage. Comfort Cooled Drive-up units are a favorite among self storage tenants. Typically these units are about the size of a one-car garage and are great for storing anything you’d store in a Comfort Cooled Interior Unit with much more convenient access.

Breezeway units:

A breezeway unit are typically located along corridors between drive-up units. Fans are generally placed on either side of the breezeway to promote air circulation. While these units are as convenient as a drive-up, they do provide an additional level of convenience from an interior unit as they are always on the ground floor and never more than a 40’ walk from the entry.


Covered parking:

Similar to a carport, these spaces have at minimum a roof to protect your vehicle from the elements.  At select locations the carports might have walls to separate your carport from your neighbors allowing you to store extra items in that area. Ideally these spaces are suitable for cars, boats, RVs and business trucks or trailers.

Uncovered parking:

An uncovered parking spaces means the space in not enclosed or indoors. It’s simply a parking space on the property suitable for storing cars, boats, RVs and business trucks or trailers.